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FunHouse Infinity Mirror

G’day !
What do you think happens when you combine a FunHouse mirror with an Infinity mirror ?
Let’s build a FunHouse Infinity Mirror and find out !


Moire Caliper

Tadam ! Already a new episode !!

This time we are going to invent a new type of measuring device: the Moire Caliper.


Mojoptix 001: Digital Sundial

Tadam ! The very first episode in [ENGLISH] of the Podcast Mojoptix:

So we’ve just developed an invention, from the epiphany through the first test of a prototype !

A tiny peek into the future

Still another few weeks before the very first Mojoptix video in English.

But if you’re a tiny bit curious, have a look at the first ever video on the Mojoptix youtube channel:

the opening credits for the Video Podcast in French !


First light !

Tadam !

Very first post on this fresh/hot off the press website.
There are still a a few widgets and HTML tags in need of some duct tape/WD40, but all should soon be fully operational.

You will find here the podcast Mojoptix !
It seems a bit mysterious for now, but the pilot episode will soon be available…

In the meantime, the twitter: @mojoptix
and my email adress:

See you in a bit…